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Crawling the Web 101

The benefits of web scraping are enormous. In fact, most of the popular companies out there wouldn’t exist without having a web crawling tool that is successfully incorporated into their day-to-day operations. However, data crawling for business isn’t possible without the right proxy. Using a proxy server allows you to scrape a site more reliably. […]

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5 Vital Steps To Improve Your Domain Authority

Ranking 1 on Google is not easy. And it doesn’t even happen automatically. In fact, it takes a lot of effort from webmasters to have a website that Google knows well and ranks very high for its deserving keywords. While there are many parameters that determine the ranking of a post or website on Google, Domain […]

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4 Modern SEO Trends Your Business Needs to Embrace

Source-Pexels  Engaging with modern consumers is no easy task. These days, people have more options than ever when it comes to the businesses they can use. Creating a competitive edge is only possible when establishing an online presence for your company. Most businesses spend around 8 percent of their annual gross revenue on marketing campaigns. […]

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