Best Free Unblocked Music Sites for Schools, Colleges & Offices (Updated 2019)

Unblocked Music Sites at School: Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted something cool. I am really sorry about that. But now I will try my best to be consistent with the blog. Since you must have already read the title, today I will be providing you with the complete list of best unblocked music sites for schools, colleges and even free unblocked music sites for offices.

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Being a student I too have gone through the days where even after having a good internet connection, I was unable to listen to the music. That’s something which motivated me to write this article. Let me make it very clear that these unblocked music sites that will be given below can’t be compared to any premium music sites like Spotify, Apple music or gaana app. But these are free alternatives that one may use in an emergency. All the unblocked music websites given below are approved by most of the schools, colleges, and offices.

We all love music. According to Friedrich Nietzsche – “Without music, life would be a mistake”. But what if someone wants to feel music or just listen music while at school, college or office? Either out of want or out of necessity, one may need to access music at school, office or college. The problem that most of us face at such a time is that most of the music or multimedia sites are blocked by the schools, colleges or offices. Then, we try to use proxy sites or vpn in order to access music sites. But, today I will give you guys a complete list of best unblocked music sites for schools. Do you know what is the best part of this list? It is the list of free unblocked music sites at colleges. That means you don’t really need to spend anything from your pocket.

List of Unblocked Music Sites

Restrictions put by the schools, colleges and offices is what stops us from accessing music. But not anymore… Break the shackles by choosing any of the unblocked music sites.

Best Unblocked Music Sites

1. Slacker

Slacker : Unblocked Music Site
Slacker: Unblocked Music Site

Cool and easy to use User Interface (UI) is what makes Slacker to top the list of best unblocked music streaming sites. Slacker, commonly known as Slacker Radio is a very beautifully designed radio station having tons of choices for every kind of music lover. It is the best one-stop destination for music lovers if you one is looking for the best unblocked music site at school, college or office. All you need to do is just press the start button and Slacker Radio will take care of the rest.

Slacker Radio is a free radio station having more than 250 radio channels. The best part of Slacker which even I likes the most is that one can create his or her own radio station with the desired songs.

If you want unlimited benefits, just sign up for a free account which will let you stream unlimited music for free. Therefore, Slacker Radio tops the list of best unblocked music sites at offices and colleges.

2. Grooveshark

Grooveshark: Best unblocked music site
Grooveshark: Best unblocked music site

The second site for the list of free unblocked music sites at school is Grooveshark. Grooveshark is one of the oldest music streaming site serving the world for free. Searching for your favourite music on Grooveshark is just too easy. You can find music by genre, album, or using your favourite artist. You can even create, edit or delete playlists as per your needs. Grooveshark is even ad-free which makes it more convenient and finding its place in the list of free unblocked music sites at school, offices or colleges.

However, before accessing music, Grooveshark will ask you to create an account. But don’t worry, it is an easy process and Grooveshark itself will guide you step by step. Creating an account on Grooveshark hardly take few minutes.

3. Purevolume

PureVolume: Free Unblocked Music Site
PureVolume: Free Unblocked Music Site

As the name suggests, Purevolume is one-stop destination for free music streaming. It is one of the best unblocked music sites at institutes. Therefore, if someone is listing down unblocked music sites for schools, one can’t simply skip Purevolume. The thing which I like most about Purevolume is that you can find each and every song of your choice at one place. All you need to do is just click on search option and type the name of the song, artist, genre, etc and BOOM… You will get the song in a flash…

Also, Purevolume, being an unblocked music site, provides even background tracks which most of the sites in the list of unblocked music sites fail to provide.

4. Soundzabound


Soundzabound is yet another powerful music streaming site where you can get you music unblocked. This unblocked music site is developed for educational institutions only. Hence, Soundzabound has all the required licenses, therefore providing the students with music at school.

Soundzabound also provides audio files for powerpoint presentations which are very helpful for students while completing their assignments. But it too has enough songs for one’s choice which helps it to make it to the list of best unblocked music sites at school, college or offices.

5. Hulkshare

HulkShare: Unblocked Music Site for schools
HulkShare: Unblocked Music Site for schools

The list of unblocked music sites by school’s article can’t be complete unless you have got Hulkshare in your list of best music sites unblocked by school. Hulkshare is a very popular website for streaming music while sitting in school, colleges and offices.

It let you listen to your favourite music at blazing fast speed even if your internet connection is poor. Hulkshare has the largest database of songs on its servers. What helps Hulkshare to make it to the list of free unblocked music sites is its features. Hulkshare let it users create and upload their own music and that too with for free.

Free Unblocked Music Sites at schools

Though I have already shared some of the best music unblocked sites by school. But there are some other music sites also which are not blocked by school, colleges or offices. However, these websites may or may not work depending upon the security or restrictions put by the school, college of offices.

6. BlueBeat Music

BlueBeat Music site makes to the list of best unblocked music sites because of it’s streaming quality. It will not be wrong to say that the streaming quality provided by BlueBeat is one of the best when compared to the other sites mentioned in the list of free unblocked music sites.

Though BlueBeat contains adds but they are very less when compared to other larger websites having music unblocked by schools, colleges or offices.

Also, BlueBeat Music is not as popular as other music streaming sites like spotify, apple music, etc which make higher chances of it not being blocked by schools, colleges or offices. You can easily favourite your songs and create a beautiful playlist as per your choice.

7. SongArea

SongArea is the best place where you can listen to music when music is blocked by school, colleges or offices. It is the newest unblocked music streaming site in the market. You don’t really need an account to stream music while at school, college and office. Just open the site, search for your song and it will start playing.

SongArea is run with the help of advertising revenue. If you are a kind of person who does not like to fac ads, then this is not for you. But if you are searching for unblocked music sites at schools, then I think SongArea is totally worth a try. As already mentioned that these are sites not like saavn or gaana music, but these will help you to pass your time rather being bored at school, office or college.

8. Scratch

Scratch is one of the oldest music streaming websites and not yet blocked by most of the schools or colleges. It is because of its authenticity and licenses it has. The reason that scratch being such a huge platform not being blocked by schools, colleges or offices is that Scratch is developed by students of MIT. Scratch not only gives you access to the music, but it also let to play some of very simple yet addictives games and that too in schools where even music sites are blocked.

Even if you have some assignments to do, you can search and get them from scratch easily without doing much of hard work. This is what makes scratch one of the best unblocked music website at schools, college or offices.

9. Pandora


Pandora is a great unblocked music site having thousands of songs in its database. It has very simple UI, even kids can use it well. The only problem with Pandora is that it is only available in the USA, but that is what makes it more reliable and higher chances of getting it unblocked in your school, college or office. Also, it is one of the best online music stations which gives tough competition even to the paid music sites in the USA. The best thing about Pandora being an unblocked music site is that all the songs it has in its database are licenced.

10. Zuus

If you are someone who loves to listen to new music or are interested in pop, rock, hip hop, salsa, etc then Zuus is a perfect destination to fulfil all your needs at one place only. The best thing about Zuus it that it is a free unblocked music site. Music lovers are attracted towards this unblocked music site because of its features. It does not only provides you with mp3 songs but you can also play tons of videos and that too for free. Don’t you think this is great for an unblocked music site for schools and colleges? Yes, it is. You can search and create your own music library according to your taste through Zuus.

11. Jamendo


Jamendo is another unblocked music site for colleges and school. Though it is not so popular, still a very trustworthy and powerful music station with a lot of features. It supports a lot of customization. It is the only unblocked music site by school which supports various languages of music. Not just English, the database covers almost every song. Jamendo is running and paying for its servers through advertising revenue.

Though it is not really compulsory to create an account for listening music, additional benefits are given to registered users. The registration process is completely free. Benefits like creating a playlist, accessing to top playlists, etc are given to the registered users.

Final Words

So guys, this is all about unblocked music sites for schools, colleges and offices. These unblocked music sites can even be accessed at various institutes. I have collected the list of unblocked music sites after a deep research on the internet and the crux of all the research has been put here in this article.

I am sure that all the unblocked music sites listed above will definitely help you in hard times. The best unblocked music sites are already listed here in the article but the main attraction is that all these free unblocked music sites are accessible in schools, colleges and offices.

If you think that this article helped you or If you like this article, then please share it with your friends and family and share the music and joy with them.

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