Impress Your Bosses By Creating An Amazing Video Presentation- Here’s How

It’s all about the presentation—the make-or-break moment in each person’s career. There are many simple ways to make a mind-blowing presentation without having multiple reviews or meetings to fix things.

It can be as simple as using an online slideshow maker to achieve this process. There are a few simple rules of thumbs you can keep in mind when making the ideal video presentations.

Before you get into making the slides, it’s essential to address the purpose of these. What is the reason for the presentation? To whom is it targeted? And what are the people looking for in the final output?

Since interests are subjective to people, the first rule of the presentation is to understand what the target audience prefers.

We call this stage the preparation stage. The idea is not to jump right into the slides or the videos. Jot down the ideas you want to add to the presentation into a notebook or a whiteboard. Ensure all your approaches are out at this stage. The motive behind this exercise is to bring all the thoughts on the table.

Once they are all in front of you, use the method of elimination and prioritisation to narrow it down further to only the needed ideas.

Once you have these in front of you, scrutinise them. This means, study each point and see what needs to be added or removed from them. Once they are on the soft copy, small changes lead to a significant domino effect of correction. Use help from friends or co-workers to pinpoint incorrect facts or statistics at this stage.

When the outline of your presentation is ready, bring your attention to these three factors to make your content better.

1. Keep it concise

Brevity is one of the most underrated factors in any presentation. A presentation does not need to cover all the information you have collected. It should be in highlights and critical points. Do not burden your viewers with large text blocks and fast-moving animated text. Keep as to-the-point as possible, without compromising on the information.

2. Re-structure

This means the process of arranging the topics and text in the order. This is the time you assess what slides should be placed where. Oftentimes, the information you think should come later could be needed right at the start.

3. Define your CTA

CTA is a common term used in marketing which means ‘call to action’. In simple words, it means what the end goal of the presentation is. What action do you want your viewers to take at the end of the slideshow? Talk to co-workers and re-assure that the final result of this presentation is accurate to your goal.

Once we have taken care of the content that must go on the video presentations, we can get to the aesthetic factors that define the right product. You can choose to use a free slideshow maker for faster and easier execution. Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind when designing the ideal submissions.

Stick To Familiar Colours

One is always tempted to play around with the endless options of colours on your computer. But it is essential to know when to pull the brakes. Depending on the type of presentations, stick to colours that suit the mood.

Do not use bright or bold colours that can distract from the content. Also, check what room or walls the slide might be presented on to confirm the choice.

Use Simple Fonts

Text is hard to read in a moving presentation. Once you have eliminated any unwanted text blocks, then it’s time to use the right fonts to show them. Stick to simple block or bold fonts for the headings. For the body of the presentations, it’s recommended to rely on San Serif fonts.

Images Are For Beautification, Not Distractions

When working on an online slideshow maker, it is easy to get carried away by the many visuals you want to add to the slideshow. Stick to keeping images that add value to your projects. Images of products, stats, charts and graphs are all to add information. Any use of inappropriate images can distract the viewer and take away from your end-goal.

Animate When Needed

Unless the point of the presentation is to display your animation skills, then transitions and animations must be kept to a minimum. Jarring effects or time-consuming animations can get monotonous over an extended presentation. Use animations wisely; like to reveal a fact, or display as a result.

Understand The Use Of Sound Effects

Sound-effects are some of the most tricky components of a presentation. If done wrong, they can seem unflattering or caricaturish. The sounds must compliment the mood of the meetings too. Do not use loud sounds effects in a serious meeting; it can only do more harm.

Trim and Skim

Editing a presentation is the hardest and most crucial part of the process. Once you think you have a final product, take time to see each slide, read each line and test each transition. If needed, use this time to trim away the parts that do not add value, or add missing points. Make sure the slides are timed correctly, and the presentations are not too long.

InVideo to the Rescue

Now that you know what to look for in a presentation, we would be remiss not to address the ‘how’. There are many ways to get an excellent presentation, but the ideal and fastest way is to use an online slideshow maker. If you are still on edge about there, there are many advantages to it.

For starters, these come with pre-set templates that can get you many steps ahead in the design process. These templates would have balanced colours and strategically picked fonts to create the perfect product. Even the most basic-working-knowledge of computers is sufficient to work on this.

Additionally, you will not have to invest in expensive software for such simple tasks.  InVideo online slideshow maker functions as simple drag and drop interface and takes very little time to perfect. The most significant advantage is it is on the cloud. This gives room for collaborations and edits can be made from anywhere, at any time.


The biggest tip for making an excellent presentation is — be yourself. As flattering as inspiration is, by emulating someone else’s ways, you could end up pushing the whole project off a cliff. If you are confident in your ideas and follow the simple tricks and tips we discussed — there is not a boss who will be unimpressed by it.

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