Shared WordPress hosting vs. Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a cheap and simple way to create a fast website. Having a slow-loading website means you will rank lower on the search engines. The users will get anxious, and the customer experience will suffer. 

Along with speed WordPress hosting also provides extensive security. Other hosting services have to employ additional security measures against hackers attacks. That leaves them at a disadvantage in the security department. The security measures of WordPress are designed to work against specific – WordPress attacks. The targeted security measures make WordPress more secure than the other hosting services. WordPress also provides regular updates. It’s a small task that ensures high performance, the latest software updates, and security measures. 

All in all, choosing  WordPress hosting is a decision you won’t regret. In this article, we will discuss the two most popular WordPress options that you can go with.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest version of WordPress hosting. Several clients share a single server and the resources on it. The difference between shared WordPress hosting and standard shared hosting is the specific optimization for WordPress. Even if you share server resources, the optimization allows for improved performance. The traditional WordPress hosting includes the ability to use a one-click WordPress installer. You can install WordPress in just a couple of minutes with ease. Other features include automatic updates to the WordPress core, a support team, updates to themes, plugins, and other host-specific packages. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting utilizes a dedicated server. It can also be configured with VPS hosting, cloud hosting, or a shared server environment. The exact type of specifications depends on the provider you choose, so make sure to look at all the features that are included in their plans. Additionally, most of the managed WordPress hostings operate on a dedicated server, giving you much better control over the server and the option of scalability. 

A quick comparison 

Managed hosting provides superfast website loading. Compared to shared WordPress hosting, with managed WordPress hosting you are getting a dedicated hosting server on your own. Having a dedicated server means you are getting an unlimited amount of resources dedicated to your website. Your website will be able to handle a large amount of traffic and download requests with no problem at all. 

Since you are not sharing the server with anyone, you also get the opportunity to optimize the server environment as you see fit, which ensures extremely fast loading speeds.

With managed WordPress hosting you get a secure hosting environment and a dedicated support team. The WordPress hosting provider offers you the best security software features and knowledgeable support staff to help you solve any hosting or website issues. Managed WordPress also ensures you a high level of website uptime. 

However, managed WordPress hosting comes with a big price tag. If your website is profitable, investing in managed WordPress hosting can improve your website’s performance. You will also save time and money on any technical hosting tasks. But if you have a small website, you don’t get a large amount of traffic and downloads, you will be wasting all of the dedicated server’s resources. In this case, it is better to choose Shared hosting since it will fit your needs far better. 

The decision 

The general rule of hosting applies here as well. If you have a smaller WordPress site, and you are getting less traffic, you should go for the shared WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is for the more established websites that get a higher level of traffic and visitations. They need a dedicated server to be able to handle everything with ease. 

However, you should consider your budget and your time. Across the board, the shared WordPress hosting services will be cheaper, but you will have to spend more time managing your website. The managed WordPress hosting would be the more expensive option, but that saves you a lot of time and effort. The technical stuff gets done by the host and their team of experts. You would also get the highest level of performance, security, and features.

So, before you make any decision you need to think about your needs. Once you figure out what exactly you want it will be easy to decide between either of these two great hosting options. 

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